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Game Version: 83

Official Released Date:
25th October 2019 10PM GMT+8

Experience Rate:
Level 001-009 : 1x
Level 010-029 : 6x
Level 030-069 : 5x
Level 070-129 : 4x
Level 130-149 : 3x
Level 150-159 : 2x
Level 160-200 : 1x

Meso Rate: 2x

Drop Rate: 1x

Server Time:

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[Maintenance]8th November at 15:00 GMT+8 | Posted by MapleiDentity on 11.08

[Added] +1 channel.
[Added] @countnx, @countexp, @countmesos now show gain per minute as well.
[Added] Notices for hired merchants selling items and closing.
[Added] @checkvp command to check your current vote points.

[Fixed] Improved @reconnect, should work  99% of the time now!
[Fixed] Fixed a bug that prevented players that disconnected while changing channels from getting their Pendant of the Spirit exp rate restored.
[Fixed] Fixed a bug that allowed players to get multiple login rewards if they crashed while changing channels.

[Fixed] Family buffs were fixed in the previous update. (only change so I didn't make a changelog.)

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