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Game Version: 83

Official Released Date:
25th October 2019 10PM GMT+8

Experience Rate:
Level 001-009 : 1x
Level 010-029 : 6x
Level 030-069 : 5x
Level 070-129 : 4x
Level 130-149 : 3x
Level 150-159 : 2x
Level 160-200 : 1x

Meso Rate: 2x

Drop Rate: 1x

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[Maintenance]28th November at 23:00 GMT+8 | Posted by MapleiDentity on 11.28

[Fixed] Family login notice appearing when a family member changes channel.
[Fixed] Mobs in the last stage of HTPQ will now respawn.
[Fixed] Aran SP not being counted correctly due to hidden skills.
[Fixed] Spiruna's crafting requiring the wrong questline to be completed.
[Fixed] @toggleexp preventing EXP loss on death.
[Fixed] Drop buff causing Zakum to drop only a few items.
[Fixed] @toggleexp not working in instances.
[Fixed] An issue with restoring scrolls.
[Fixed] Player shops/hired merchants using the trade tax(6%) instead of their own(3%).
[Fixed] Magic doors potentially falling through the map.
[Fixed] A few Aran skills not using MP.
[Fixed] Missing visual effect on Chaos Zakum helmet.
[Fixed] Mesos dropped by players getting shared between the party of the player that picks them up.
[Fixed] Normal/VIP teleport rocks in general.
[Fixed] Normal/VIP rocks not being able to teleport to The Passage in El Nath.
[Fixed] A few quest bugs. (Magic device, some other quest drops)
[Fixed] Drop rate for 4 skill books from Zakum. (TT, Angel Ray, ACA, Advanced Charge)
[Fixed] CWKPQ thief room can now be completed by Shadowers.
[Fixed] @bosshp will now show dead body parts at 0%.

[Changed] Buccaneer's Demolition skill delay has been reduced.
[Changed] Holy Shield now prevents stun as well.
[Changed] Resting token sound for third parties removed due to noise complaints.
[Changed] CWKPQ now gives a basic jewel box like other PQs do. (One per day)
[Changed] Increase Chaos Zakum EXP.
[Changed] Reduced Chaos Zakum timer to 1 hour.
[Changed] Reduced price of SP resets.

[Added] Reverse equips will now level 1 extra time. Timeless will level 2 extra times.
[Added] Scarga and Krexel will now be expeditions. @reconnect will now work for them and you won't be able to multi-client in them. Timers have also been added.
[Added] Buffs will now be saved if you disconnect while inside of an expedition.
[Added] @buyback command to buy back the most recent items you sold to an NPC. (Equips only for now)
[Added] Fame cooldown will be displayed when you try to fame a player while on cooldown.
[Added] Added 6 second invulnerability after using Wheel of Destiny. Attacking cancels it while buffing/using potions does not.
[Added] @roll command for on-demand RNG. Broadcasts to map in expedition or your party.
[Added] Expedition bosses will have a minimum of 2 skill/mastery book drops.
[Added] Option to change guild leader at the guild management NPC.
[Added] @gfx command. @gfx <time> will automatically use it every X seconds. Should help with crashing in bosses until a more permanent solution is implemented.

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