4thJobSeries' Aran Skill Build Guide
Edit: I don't know much about formatting, adding pictures, etc. If anyone is good with that hit me up and I can make this guide look more visually appealing <3

4thJobSeries' Aran Skill Build Guide
(Skip to the "Overall" for each Skill Build if you don't care for the order/reason why & just want to know which skills to max and which not to)
First Job Skill Build
5 Double Swing
1 Combat Step
20 Double Swing [Max]
13 Combat Step
6 Pole Arm Booster
15 Combat Step [Max]
10 Combo Ability [Max]
16 Pole Arm Booster

Explanation: Double Swing is your main form of damage in first job and is also used in 2nd Job. It's not until 3rdJob when you get Full Swing that you don't use this version of the skill anymore (you still have a 2nd Swing, but it's damage will be based on Full Swings level, not Double Swings anymore). After you get 5 Double Swing, Combat Step is unlocked, 1 point into this will help mobility (especially off of cliffs and on ice!), however it's more important to max Double Swing now to kill faster. You CAN add some to Combo Ability as soon as you get it, however Combo Ability in 1st Job is somewhat situational, it's rare that you're going to be at a high combo as monsters just die too soon, even in 2nd Job it's better DPS to use Combo Smash at 30 combo so Combo Ability above level 3 isn't that useful until you max Combo Critical in 3rd Job where it then becomes higher DPS to simply keep your combo at 100+ at all times. Therefore in my opinion max Combat Step first to maximize mobility, get 6 Pole Arm Booster so it lasts an okay amount of time and only after that max Combo Ability (fine to add like 3-4 Combo Ability before maxing Combat Step if you wish). The rest of the points go into Pole Arm Booster, Pole Arm booster 17~20 simply increase the duration of the skill, not how much the speed increase is.

Overall: Regardless of what order you add the skills you should have Double Swing, Combat Step, & Combo Ability Maxed, 16/20 SP in Pole Arm Booster.

Second Job Skill Build
3 Triple Swing
19 Pole Arm Mastery
20 Triple Swing [Max]
11 or 20 Combo Smash (will explain later)
13 Combo Drain
1 Final Charge
20 Combo Drain [Max]
20 Body Pressure [Max]
21 or 30 Final Charge
20 Pole Arm Mastery [Max]

Explanation: Triple Swing is initially your main damage dealer in 2nd Job until the Combo Smash skill quest is done at which point both skills are important. Pole Arm Mastery greatly increases average damage and the accuracy is a big help until you have half decent gear. You can go right to 20 Pole Mastery if you want, the final point only adds 1 accuracy though, no Mastery, so you can just save this until the end. Now comes a somewhat big decision, most, if not all guides will tell you to max Combo Smash, IT IS your main damage dealer from the mid 40s to level 80~90, however in my opinion maxing Final Charge instead is a viable option. Final Charge although not a great damage dealer is used from when you get it all the way to level 200, it's basically your Rush skill and you'll use it a bunch, so you may as well do a bit of extra damage with it. Combo Smash on the other hand is seldom used once you max Combo Critical in 3rdJob because at that point it's better to keep your combo and if you are about to lose combo you'll have Combo Fenrir which is a better Combo Smash. Sure you'll be a bit a fair bit weaker from 45~80/90 if you don't max Smash, however you'll be very very slightly stronger from level 64-200 if you max Final Charge. Next get Combo Drain, this skill is AMAZING, you heal yourself a percentage of damage dealt, once you get high enough damage you can train using near zero HP pots as you can heal faster than most monsters do damage to you. Get 1 Final Charge when that skill quest is done so you can push mobs as you please, then continue maxing Drain to save pots. Next max Body Pressure, it's a decent skill, after you bump into a monster, you won't take physical damage from that particular monster for awhile and you also deal some damage. Lastly get Final Charge to 30 if you are going the 11 Combo Smash route, if you maxed Combo Smash then you'll get Final Charge to 21/30.

Overall: Essentially you should have every 2nd Job skill maxed except either Combo Smash or Final Charge. You'll either have 11/20 Smash, Maxed Final Charge or you'll have Maxed Smash, 21/30 Final Charge.

3rd Job Skill Build
20 Full Swing [Max]
20 Combo Critical [Max]
1 Combo Fenrir
20 Snow Charge [Max]
30 Combo Fenrir [Max]
30 Final Toss [Max]
20 Smart Knockback [Max]
1 Rolling Spin
If you maxed Final Charge: Pole Arm Booster [Max], rest of points into Combo Smash (17/20 Smash)
If you maxed Combo Smash: 9 points into Final Charge [Max], final point into Pole Arm Booster (17/20)

Explanation: Full Swing makes your 2nd & 3rd swing more powerful, it also makes your double swing hit twice so your combo increases by 4 with a Full Swing instead of 3 like it did with Triple Swing, max this first it will take over Combo Smash as your main damage dealer once Combo Critical is maxed. Alternatively you can just add 1 point to Full Swing to get that 4th hit in, then max Combo Critical before maxing Full Swing, I haven't done the math on it, but at 100+ Combo you will have a 60% Crit chance when Combo Critical is maxed so Combo Critical may actually add more DPS than Full Swing. Get 1 Combo Fenrir because wolves are cool. Snow Charge just adds 10% DPS and makes your attacks Ice based (also slows down monsters, but that's not too important). Just make sure to check if a monster/boss is strong to Ice because if it is you'll be doing around half your regular damage and the extra 10% will not even close to make up for that. Now, even though the goal is to keep up combo and never use a finisher I still find maxed Combo Fenrir useful, sometimes it's somewhat inevitable that you're going to lose combo before monsters respawn and it's just faster to finish off up to 10 monsters at once than it is to Full Swing them all to death. At Himes I find myself using Fenrir on each side of the map after luring and hitting 100 combo as it finishes all the monsters off. Also if you're training on a map from top to bottom (Red Wyvern Nest for example which you'll need to hunt for a 4thJob skill book) you'll likely lose your combo on the way back up climbing ropes so you may as well use Fenrir if you've built it up to 1 hit the bottom platform. Final Toss is a weird one in my opinion, it's useful if a monster has a lot of HP as you can throw monsters in the air and do extra damage for a very brief period (you can also try to fenrir the monsters while they're in the air for epic damage I believe), however in terms of training you will eventually be strong enough in 4thJob that an Overswing should kill any monster (even Oblivion 4) so it's just not that useful to have a move that activates after Full Swing or Overswing (after the monsters are all dead). Some people do prefer this before Fenrir though, as in 3rd Job you're not killing Himes in a single Full Swing generally so flinging them in the air for some extra damage is nice. I personally don't care much for it, when the monster is in the air you may hit it with your next first swing, maybe 2nd swing, but rarely the 3rd Swing which is the biggest damage dealer, so I would prefer to just keep full swinging or use Fenrir to finish off. Smart Knockback has kind of a confusing description, it implies that you do lower amounts of damage, only a percentage of whatever a monsters KB is, this is not the case. This skill basically makes it so a monster is knocked back or "flinches" at a lower damage threshold. It's useful at the start of 4thJob maybe, but honestly when you're deep into 4thJob doing lots of damage you'll be KBing all monsters anyways even without this skill, hence why this is added so late in 3rdJob. So a guide I was reading said to next use left over points for 11/20 Rolling Spin, but I STRONGLY disagree. It's not a skill that fits well into Maple, it basically pushes monsters away from you at a certain % chance. Even at 100% chance, this isn't useful, you want to kill the monsters not push them away (it's not a good push like Rush or Final Charge they go out from you in both directions). 1 point in it can hurt monsters on both sides of you, so if you're hunting low level mobs for monster cards maybe it's better to hit monsters in front and behind you compared to just in front with a regular attack, otherwise useless skill. It's so useless I prefer to actually max out 1st/2nd Job skills that you weren't able to max before. If you maxed Combo Smash you will actually still have enough points to max Final Charge which is great if you read the 2ndJob skill build explanation, however you won't have enough to max Pole Arm Booster. If you went with my recommendation of maxing Final Charge in 2nd Job you can max Pole Arm Booster's duration and then add 6 points to Combo Smash or Rolling Spin (both useless at this point, Spin always useless and Combo Smash just isn't used past level 90ish).

Overall: Every 3rd Job skill except Rolling Spin will be maxed. You can use the remainder of your points

4th Job Damage Skill Build
Note: 4th Job is very skill book dependent, if you can't find Overswing 30 for example, it's fine to just start maxing the next skill and come back to a skill later, no need to have unused SP for the most part imo, unused SP just means you're weaker for all those levels until you find a certain book.
Note 2: After 1 Overswing, 1 Final Blow, 1 Combo Tempest, maxed Overswing, maxed High Mastery, and maxed Freeze Standing the order is really your choice (other than leave Combo Tempest until the end), you can totally do a mixture of the "damage" and "defensive" builds below.
1 Overswing, 1 Final Blow, 1 Combo Tempest
30 Overswing [Max]
30 High Mastery [Max]
30 Freeze Standing [Max]
30 Maple Warrior [Max]
5 Hero's Will [Max]
30 Final Blow [Max]
30 Combo Barrier [Max]
30 High Defense [Max]
27 Combo Tempest

Explanation: Overswing is your main damage dealer, it's an improvement on Full Swing both in damage and in number of hits the three swings do. Final Blow at 1 (heck even up to 10~15ish) doesn't actually increase your DPS. Once you have maxed Overswing it's more DPS to just continually Overswing than it is to add in a Final Blow (until FB hits a certain level), FB is just so slow. However it does have it's uses, it has more range than Overswing so adding in a Final Blow can hit an extra monster in some occasions and at Zak standing on the platform on the right (not the top one) Final Blow can actually reach the very top right arm from there, amazing vertical range. Combo Tempest is not that useful training, sure it brings mobs down to 1 hit from death, but it requires 200 combo and you'll eventually be strong enough to kill Oblivion with just an Overswing (heck eventually just the 2nd swing from Overswing is enough), it's also not that useful on single target bosses, yes it does LOTS of damage to bosses, but it's not worth losing the combo as you'll fall from 60% crit chance and 20 extra ATT to none of that and your next moves until 100+ combo will be weakened, HOWEVER this is the single greatest skill against Zakum and Chaos Zakum, it hits all 8 arms for just insanity damage (skill doesn't actually show damage it's 4 lines each so seeing 32 lines appear on Zak may d/c people lol), even level 1 of this skill is enough and as long as there are 5+ arms alive it's worth using up combo to Tempest them. Max Overswing as this is your main attack, next max High Mastery for higher average damage and some extra ATT, next max Freeze Standing (it's stance). If you really just want the highest damage possible max Maple Warrior asap after Freeze Standing. Hero's Will next for HT and CZAK. Damage, damage, damage! If this is your goal get those defensive skills later and max Final Blow now. Random side note for Final Blow, even when maxed only use it at 100+ combo, if you use FB below 100 combo it increases the time it takes to get to 100 combo and therefore you get less ATT and crit % and actually do less DPS. There, by the low 170s you have the DPS skills maxed (Body Guard A & PB are probably one hitting you... but we'll work on defensive skills next). Max Combo Barrier and High Defense for defense now (order is your choice, look at the Defensive Build for more explanation) and lastly put the rest of points into Combo Tempest.

Overall: Every skill is maxed, Combo Tempest is 27/30. With this damage first build you are more powerful, but may get one hit by stuff stronger than HT (probably by HTs tail as well) until you are level 180 or 190.
4th Job Defensive Skill Build
1 Overswing, 1 Final Blow, 1 Combo Tempest
30 Overswing [Max]
30 High Mastery [Max]
30 Freeze Standing [Max]
30 Combo Barrier [Max]
5 Hero's Will [Max]
30 High Defense [Max]
30 Maple Warrior [Max]
30 Final Blow [Max]
27 Combo Tempest

Explanation: All the same things I said about the skills in the damage build description for the first 3 skills. If you want to be able to do late game bosses sooner max either Combo Barrier or High Defense after the first 3 "main" skills. Barrier and Defense stack for a total of 35% less damage taken from monsters. It's up to you the order, High Defense is a passive 15%, Combo Barrier uses up 200 combo for 20% damage reduction and is a party buff. I personally prefer a defensive build because on boss runs someone else may already have MW20 or 30 so having it is less useful than taking less damage and being able to have your entire party take less damage. I like maxed Combo Barrier first so that by HT level I have it maxed and can help everyone out, however if you want to kill lots of Bigfoots and don't have self-HB or lots of quests done Bigfoot may 1 hit you still (Arans lower HP than other Warriors) you may want to max High Defense before Combo Barrier. Hero's Will next, useful at HT/CZak. Next max the defensive skill you haven't already (Barrier or High Defense). Maple Warrior and Final Blow order is your choice. Even though MW is a group skill, I actually find FB more useful if you boss in parties a lot because other classes will max MW sooner so you'll all have MW anyways so FB adds more damage. On the other hand if you're massacring lots of Bigfoots and such maxing MW will improve DPS more than FB because every 2 points in MW increases damage by a %, while FB doesn't even add more DPS above pure Overswing until at least level 15 FB. Rest of points into Tempest.

Overall: Every 4th Job skill maxed, except Combo Tempest 27/30. By level 160 Combo Barrier is maxed so you can help out your entire party take less damage at HT, CZak and all runs beyond that. It is important to note that your DPS does drop while doing this, every time Combo barrier runs out you need to use up your combo to re-buff your party, instead of being at 100+ combo 90% of the time and only having to break combo to rebuff Combo Drain, you'll probably only be at 100+ combo 66% of the time, if you're on an easier run like Zak I wouldn't even suggest using Barrier for your party (unless they really need it for some reason), better to just keep up combo. Now you will theoretically be 10% weaker because you have MW10 instead of 30, but realistically what are the chance you get a MW20 and MW30 book by level 160 and pass both? You'll do maybe 5~10% less DPS on top of the 10% less because you're maxing Final Blow late, however you won't get 1 hit by HTs tail, Body Guard A, Pink Bean, etc assuming you've done enough quests/have enough HP from gear.
4thJobSeries 178 Aran w/ 448 quests done & 41 full sets of monster cards
4thJobDK 154 DK link skill mule
4thJobHSMule 155 Bishop
4thJobBM 140 Bow Master link skill mule
4thJobBucc 144 Buccaneer/future link skill mule
10/10, its well organized and an easy read, very specific and helpful advice for alts/low lvls, while not telling people to use exact items/ships/ect, therefore making it a guide, not a template like alot of others. Nice work

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